7 leadership Ted Talks that will help you be a great leader

Being a leader means you need to be constantly improving. There are many ways to do just that, and one of them is watching leadership Ted Talks. There are a wide range of experts who have given captivating and informative Ted talks.  Their knowledge and experience can certainly help you to analyze how you can […]

5 Military leadership books to add at your reading list

Are you looking for ways to improve your leadership skills? There are many military leadership books that can help you. By reading these books you are going to learn valuable lessons that can be applied in the business world.  We have prepared a list of military leadership books that can be a rich source of […]

What’s your leadership style? Discover here!

Have you ever stopped to think about what kind of leader are you? There are many leadership styles, each one with its advantages and disadvantages. There isn’t just one way to lead because each situation requires specific abilities.  The kind of leader you are isn’t only defined by the context of the situation, but also […]

11 Military Leadership that will superchange your business

Being a good leader is a big challenge, but one that needs to be faced if you want to find success in business. Military leadership principles can be very useful to help you become a better leader, deal with daily challenges and improve your business.