Being a good leader is a big challenge, but one that needs to be faced if you want to find success in business. Military leadership principles can be very useful to help you become a better leader, deal with daily challenges and improve your business.

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1.    Seek Self Improvement

Self-knowledge is one of the most important principles of military leadership and is crucial to being a good leader. It is essential to know your strengths and weaknesses. Understanding these personal traits allows you to seek constant improvement, always working on developing better skills, which are going to help you as a person and as a leader.  

2.    Be aware of your duties

A good leader must always know what their duties are. This may sound simple but it’s important to reevaluate your daily tasks and duties and prioritize them efficiently. Understanding this will also help you determine the best ways to lead your team and to delegate each member’s tasks. 

If you don’t understand what your responsibilities are, it isn’t possible to create efficient strategies. In order for each member to understand his or her role in the team, you need to know yours, too.  

3.    Assume your responsibilities as a leader

Being accountable for your actions is as important as knowing your duties. As a leader, you hold the responsibility for the success or the failure of your team. 

If you make a mistake, don’t try to look for excuses. Instead, acknowledge what didn’t work and offer solutions.  Knowing how to deal with your own mistakes and learn from them is a key component of military leadership.

4.    Do the right thing at the right moment

Making decisions is a fundamental part of a leader’s work. When a decision is needed, it’s very important to strategically analyze the entire situation. 

Study the issues affecting your decision, and be aware of how your team is working towards your objectives. That way, you are going to ensure you know what’s the best course of action and the right moment to put your plans in motion. 

5.    Watch your actions: set an example

Some of the best results come from a team that trusts and respects their leader.

But that’s only possible if you give them reasons to be inspired by your work. Show your teamwork you care about them and not just their output.

6.    Train your personnel as a team

Creating a team spirit between your personnel is going to make a huge difference in your results. Explain how and why each member is important, and that it’s only possible to achieve the desired goals if they support one another, working in synchrony. 

7.    Always look for ways to improve the teamwork

A good leader should carefully supervise the work of the team and constantly looking for ways to improve it. Pay close attention to each member in order to give a personalized feedback to each of them. You need to be able to point which skills they have to improve as a group and individually. 

8.    Encourage your team to be responsible 

Delegating is part of being a leader. When you give tasks to your team, make sure they see you are doing it because you trust their abilities. It’s important the team understands they are responsible for the results just as you are. Continuing encouraging and showing them you believe and trust in their work.

9.     Build trust and motivate each member

If the relationship between you and your group isn’t based on trust, it’s very likely the teamwork won’t have good results. You need to inspire confidence; otherwise it’s going to be difficult for your team to believe you are able to make the best choices.  

Through a trust-based relationship your team is certainly going to feel prompt to offer their best. They will feel much more motivated and engaged at work. 

10. Show your concern about your team

It’s important to demonstrate that you care about each one of your team members, value their efforts and listen to their feedback. Make them feel their voice is heard; show you are concerned about always doing what is best for them. By letting your team understand when you make a decision you are always considering their well-being, they feel valued and respeited.

11. Know each member’s abilities

To be a good leader means not only knowing yourself and looking for constant self improvement, but also doing it for your team as well. Know the weakness and strength of each person under your leadership, so you can be confident when assigning their tasks. 

Support them to achieve their best performance by pointing what each one needs to improve and recognizing their skills. The team’s results are going to be much better, and they will be thankful for your trust.  

Extra tip: study military leadership principles

In a military leadership, it’s not uncommon that a life depends on a leader’s decision. The level of pressure is really high, as are the risks; we have a lot to learn with this way of leading.  

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